Parking In Philadelphia
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Parking In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a large, densely populated city, as well as a historical and cultural landmark, attracting large amounts of tourists every year. As such, finding parking in Philadelphia can sometimes be tough. Here you will find several useful tips to help you out.

On-street metered parking costs $2/hour. Philadelphia meters accept coins and SmartCards as payment. The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) has been installing meter kiosks throughout the city. These kiosks accept coins, bills, credit cards and SmartCards. However, if you’re planning on parking for the whole day, we recommend that you park in a garage, since this would probably be a cheaper option.

Off-street parking rates can range from $10-20/hour and from $20-$50/24 hours, though there are also locations with lower or higher rates.

Our detailed maps help you find parking around some of the most popular parking locations, including:

The Convention Center;

PreFlight Airport Parking;

The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

For airport parking motorists are able to park in a special economy lot for a mere $11 per 24 hours.

Be sure to visit the PPA website for any questions about paying a parking ticket or disputing a violation.