Dame Street Dublin Ireland
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Parking in Dublin

The city is divided into five tariff zones and the tariff is displayed on the Pay and Display Machines within each zone. 

  • Maximum parking time is 3 hours
  • Payment times:
  • Check Pay & Display machines or street signage. 
  • Usually 7am - 7pm Monday to Saturday
  • 2pm to 6pm Sunday (city centre only)
  • After 8pm you may pay for up to 3 hours parking for the following morning. 


  • Very high demand zone (Yellow): €2.90 per hour

  • High demand zone (Red): €2.40 per hour
  • High demand zone - Sundays (White): €1.40 per hour on Sunday
  • Medium demand zone (Green): €1.60 per hour
  • Low demand zone (Orange): €1.00 per hour
  • Suburban villages (Blue): 60c per hour



Parked vehicles in Dublin City may be issued with a ticket, clamped or towed-away for a number of reasons. These include:

  • If your vehicle causes a hazard or obstruction, e.g. on a clearway.
  • If your vehicle is illegally parked, e.g. on a double yellow line.
  • If the time allowed on a Pay-and-Display ticket (max. 3 hours) has expired.


Parking charges apply during the hours indicated on the Pay & Display machines or on the street signage (e.g. Monday – Saturday 7am – 7pm or Monday – Friday 8am – 6.30pm). Always check the street signage when parking.

The operational hours of some Pay and Display Permit Parking Schemes extend beyond 7pm at night and on Saturdays and Sundays. Paid parking controls shall not apply in Pay & Display Permit Parking areas on the following days: New Years Day (1st January), St. Patrick’s Day (17th March), Easter Sunday and Monday (variable), May Public Holiday (first Monday in May), June Public Holiday (first Monday in June), August Public Holiday (first Monday in August), October Public Holiday (last Monday in October), Christmas Day (25th December), St. Stephen’s Day (26th December).