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Parking In Birmingham Al

Finding a parking spot in Birmingham isn’t impossible, but it can become an even easier task with the help of our useful tips provided below.

On-street meters are enforced 8AM-6PM, Mon-Fri. The rate is $0.50/hour at 10-hour meters and $1.00/hour at 2-hour meters. Coins and cards (MasterCard, Visa) are accepted. Be sure to observe all the signs posted nearby. Otherwise your car might get towed or at the very least you’ll receive a fine.

In case you need to park for more than 10 hours, choosing a garage or surface lot would be the logical solution. The average price for off-street parking is $2.50/hour and $9.00/24 hours. Make sure that the location you’ve chosen allows for overnight parking if you’re planning on leaving your vehicle parked for the entire day. We’d also recommend that you remember to lock your car and either stash your valuables in a safe place or take them with you.

If you’re interested in getting a monthly permit, the average price for it would be around $85.00.

Aside from that, our site can help you access other helpful information on parking at specific locations. If you intend to park at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport or near Birmingham Amtrak Station, our maps will provide prices, working hours and other details for your chosen destinations.


Check out the city’s website in case you have questions about paying a parking ticket.

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